Southern Straits 2017

What’s the race plan?  Sail the course and win the race.  We had a nice breezy downwind (with our new A2) to Sisters Islets and a long cold upwind beat with 0-15 knots of breeze towards TA mark.  We were getting pretty tired but managed to keep it together as we reached towards Halibut and sailed towards the finish around 7:30AM Saturday morning.  Preliminary results have us first in div under PHRF scoring, or second in div under ORC scoring (4th/5th overall).  Excellent crew work again and very pleased with this result.

Patos Island Race 2017

Our first race of the the year was a resounding success.  First in division and first overall at Patos Island Race (results here:  We fought our way through a difficult wind transition and light air patch at Turn point and somehow managed to get around Patos.  After rounding the wind gradually picked up. Great crew work was fueled by our secret weapon, Colin Nichols’ hot mocha coffee.  This concoction (exact recipe remains a mystery) kept bodies warm and hiking on the rail and the boat made upwind gains to the finish.