Chad Grice

Where were you born?
I was born in Duncan, BC

Favourite quote?
“Do or Do Not, there is no try.” -Yoda

Who got you into sailing?
My parents got me into sailing. I did not really have a choice in the matter I was on a boat younger than two. Later on, I started racing Dinghies at the age of 9 and haven’t stopped since.

What’s your favourite sailing moment?
Choosing one is not an easy task!
I would have to say it was doing a port tack start at a Port Credit YC laser regatta with over 100 boats. It was a pretty awesome experience.

What’s the first boat you ever sailed?
I believe it was a Bayliner 25. This was the boat my parents had when I was just a child. My first dingy was an Albacore.

What’s the biggest lesson sailing has taught you?
The first lesson is, you will never know everything. Every day you go out on the water you will learn something new. They say the day you stop learning is the day you should not put to sea because as beautiful as the ocean is it can be a cruel and inhospitable place requiring your respect and admiration.