Gryphon Rennie

Gryphon Rennie is the youngest Jackrabbit crew member at 18, but is not without experience. Gryphon has enjoyed sailing with his family his whole life and started lessons at the age of 9. He has raced on both the Nanaimo Yacht Club and Royal Victoria Yacht Club race teams. This is Gryphon’s 4th season racing keel boats, his second with Jackrabbit.

Gryphon also enjoys hockey and plays with the Cowichan Bulldogs through the winter. His hockey manager has spoken of his dedication, passion, and reliability making him a valued teammate and the Jackrabbit crew haven’t keelhauled him yet either.

Gryphon is a first year mechanics apprentice and he hopes one day to use all his skills to travel the world sailing/racing. He’s excited to add the Van Isle 360 to his resume.