Lindsay Burgess

Lindsay started out sailing on her family cruise boat at about 3 years old. Early memories of sailing include making slides in the cabin and sliding down them when the boat was driving through some 12 foot waves in a Gail storm (the kids were ordered to stay below so they got creative). There was also some strange stick that she was told to hold straight until the boat was pointing somewhere towards the gulf islands. Her favourite duty was firing the torpedoes (a broken fuse switch on the electrical panel that was no longer used) whenever a power boat went by and made too much wake while they were under sail.

She has learned a few things about sailing in the paste few decades, including a bit about what the mysterious stick thing does. She answered an add for a raceboat looking for crew several years ago and started racing round the buoys. Since then she has been drawn to long distance racing such as Van Isle 360 and Vic Maui, and she is looking forward to participating in her second Van Isle 360 (and first one for Jackrabbit!) in 2017.