Manuel Fluck

Manuel was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He grew up on dry land. In his childhood the mountains were always more accessible than the ocean.

He picked up sailing in 2009, while working on sail optimization at the Yacht Research Unit in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then he has sailed and raced on various boats of different kind and size.

In 2012 Manuel moved to Victoria, BC, to work on his PhD in Wind Turbine aerodynamics. Shortly after he bought his first boat, Alena, a Shark24, which he races and takes cruising in local waters. Manuel is an active member of RVYC and joined RCM-SAR Oak Bay in 2015.

After years of coastal sailing, 2016 brought the first experience of the open ocean: a delivery from Maui, Hawaii to Victoria, BC. Now Manuel is excited about getting ready for the next big sailing adventure: racing around Vancouver Island.