Matthew Bacon

Matthew has been sailing for just under 5 years, but during that time has dedicated himself to becoming a skilled racer. He started on Cantina, a Catalina 42, but has since sailed on a variety of different boats, including Olson 30s, Hotfoot 27s and his own Cal 27. He is an avid racer, and it’s a rare week that doesn’t find him out on the water at least once. His background in tech means he loves optimizing for performance, while time he spent with the army reserves leaves him well prepared for the stressful situations sometimes encountered while racing. He has competed in many of the region’s biggest events, including 2 Patos Island races, 3 Swiftsures as well as the 2015 edition of the Van Isle 360 (on Cantina). He is excited to race with Jack Rabbit, and looks forward to a fast, fun and challenging Van Isle race in 2017.